BIOWASH 300 - Water dispenser with very low salt content for professional use (boilers, dishwashers, industrial machines)

BIOWASH 300 is designed and built to obtain water with a very low conductivity index for strictly professional uses. Biowash totally prevents the formation of limescale in all systems with boilers, in professional dishwashers, and for all machines that require water with particular characteristics of conductivity and dissolved mineral salts, as it is equipped with a setting system that guarantees use in all technical fields. Thanks to this feature, it allows to obtain a significant reduction in the costs incurred for energy and for the failures of the same systems.

It uses reverse osmosis modules and a complete pressurization system that always guarantees a suitable flow rate for the required production.

Thanks to its small size it can be installed in small rooms.

Data sheet

Stainless steel
5 micron activated carbon prefilter with quick coupling connections
R.O. modules
3 pcs of reverse osmosis membrane module of 300 gallons / day.
Rotary vane pump in brass 1000 l/h.
Control system
Electronic management with flushing control, filter replacement alarms, flooding and no inlet water (parameters that can be set by the authorized installer)
Other control systems
Remote control for start up for electric floats and preparation of clean contact for professional equipment (ice makers, dishwashers, ice cream machines, professional equipment for cutting double glazing.
mm 490 x 200 x 500h

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